Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Late Nite Tender

This is view that every fisherman wants to see at the end of a long day of fishing. We rolled in at about 1:00 in the morning to unload salmon and Craig and I couldn't help snapping a shot of our late night savior.


Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Southeast Alaska Sockeye

The salmon season has officially started this year in Alaska! This beautiful fish was caught in Southeast Alaska. Southeast is one of the few major producing salmon regions that harvest all species of salmon.

Fish Tales of Fortune and Faliure

The salmon season in Southeast Alaska has produced a interesting twist in the last few weeks.  After a record breaking run of early pinks in July, the fish have tapered off to a trickle.  The closures of Area 1 and Area 2 have prompted many fishermen to worry about the rest of the season.   We are currently on the rush north to hope for another big push of fish.  If it doesn’t happen in the next week, the season might have quite a surprise ending.  Good Luck to everyone out there.  Let’s hope the fish are still pouring in.  Eat more salmon!