Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Deckload O Chum

It's rare to find a deckload of chum salmon, but we had a number of them during the cost recovery fishery at Hidden Falls in 2007. We harvested 4 million pounds of chum salmon between four purse seiners in just a few weeks. It was awesome to make massive sets of chum salmon around Hidden Falls with no competition. These days, the hatchery is more accessible to all fishermen, which makes for some serious shoot outs at the falls. I can't wait to see the chums floppin around the falls this summer!


Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Grundens Promo

This is a slick promotional edit for Grundens that just popped upon Vimeo.  There is some generic stock bering sea crabbing footage, but the commercial focuses primarily on the F/V Gold Digger, which is a Bristol Bay gilnetter.  Overall, its a well produced video that highlights the comfort and necessity of Grunden’s on the deck.  Check out some other awesome Grunden’s videos on the ComFishFilmFest Channel, here.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Norsel |Fall 2013




The F/V Norsel was one of the big heros of the fall chum run in Puget Sound this year.  In three days, the Norsel caught more than most boats catch for an entire fall season on an average year.  Thanks to my buddy Chuck for the sweet pic and keen eye in the skiff.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Last Loops Of The Year


The last boat trip of the season is over. I could bore you with the details of our massive catches, back breaking procedures, and our undying devotion to the pursuit of salmon. Instead, I will focus on the pure essence of crewmanship and the culmination of an incredible year of salmon harvesting. Crew spirits were at an all time high, especially since we didn't even make a set for the day. We had one last day to absorb being on the boat and understand the transition to non #boatlife. Thanks to all aboard the F/V Quandary for an incredible trip. Yes, I did fish the record breaking fun of the the 2013 Puget Sound Chum Run!


Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Hood Canal Bridge


After much deliberation, I find myself on the decks of the F/V Quandary for the last chum salmon opener of the 2013 Puget Sound season. I've yet to speculate on our catch, we are currently heading deep into Hood Canal to find the darkest of gators! Hopefully there are tons of fish piled up back in there.