Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Squid Time In Cali


Market Squid started April 1st this year and a bit of squid has started to pour in. Mostly, boats are getting ready for their long season, which can last up to 7 months. Last summer, big numbers were caught during the beginning of the season, instead of the typical blast of squid in the fall. So, a few more boats are kicking into high gear early this year and hoping for a big push of squid over the summer months. A huge thanks to my fellow fishermen, Jason Crosby for the sweet pic! Good luck down there! We will miss you in Southeast Alaska. Jason Crosby is a career fishermen with a rich history in the west coast fishing culture. Check out to see his latest labour of love.


Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Gangsta Nor Cal Shrimpin

The soundtrack is mos def NSFW, but the footage is great. It’s the first time we get West Coast Shrimpin footage on the CFVOTD. I have a particular weakness for shrimp and its cool to see how’s it done on the West coast. I still believe that shrimp are one of the truly untapped markets along the west coast. Farm raised shrimp continue to flow, but few have tasted the true succulent scrumptiousness of a wild Spot prawn. Whoever’s paying attention, get yourself a shrimp permit and start raking in the dough. These little bugs are the key to sea to table. Anyone know what the number one consumed seafood is in America? For the past nine years it’s been Shrimp!

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | San Pedro Harbor 2010


San Pedro is one of the strangest harbors that I have fished out of. The facilities are lacking, nets just pile up on the breakwater and fishermen mill about the old canneries at the mouth of the harbor. The entire harbor has a sense history surrounded by a modern world. You can literally see the old harbor based on fishing versus the new harbor designed for trade. If you ever happen to be in the area, cruise down and check out battle of old versus new for yourself. You might be surprised by what you prefer…