Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Salmon Labels | Astoria, Or

After an incredible weekend of experiencing the FisherPoets Gathering for the first time, I wandered around exploring Astoria in all of its epic rainy glory.  Luckily, the town has a rich maritime history and a vast museum to highlight all the nautical history.  These labels easily caught my attention as I roamed throughout the cozy history of the region.  I highly recommend the Astoria Maritime Museum on your next visit to the area.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | In The Same Boat: Process


Via Youtube:  Process offers us a look inside the fast paced and competitive world of gill netting in Bristol Bay. This film takes us through fishing steps from A-B. We start by working on our boats for what seems like forever pre season. We see how fish our caught and delivered. This film is set to an incredible scenic backdrop of Nushagak, Ugashik and the Naknek fisheries.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | In The Same Boat: Community


Via Youtube:  This film takes us from Dillingham to the upper banks of the Nushigak river . This film shows us an insight into village life in Koliganek. In this film people from all walks of life come to one of the most pristine natural environmenta in the world where the worlds largest salmon run takes place every summer. These families want to make a living as fisherman and feed people all over the world. These families are true environmentalist.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V Double Eagle


The F/V Double Eagle shows us that it's all fish slayin while on a summer Bristol Bay. The first audio track is really interesting. I'm curious to know who sings the initial track. Enjoy!