March 6th starts another Declining Halibut Harvest in Southeast Alaska

The last five years have been harsh to quota holders, with over half of the allowable catch slipping through their hands, one has to wonder where have all the halibut gone?  Recently a fellow fisherman returned from the Halibut Commission.  My first question was, “Did your voice get heard?”   “No,” he replied!  It was his first visit to the occasion, so he was happy to see the quota larger than was expected.  He was also quick to show this video of Halibut waste by trawlers…here

Southeast commercial fishermen allotted 4.4 million pounds

By Kim Marquis | JUNEAU EMPIRE

Commercial fishermen in Southeast Alaska will be allowed to take 4.4 million pounds of halibut this year, the international commission that manages the fishery announced Friday.

The decision by the International Pacific Halibut Commission represents an increase of about 700,000 pounds over staff recommendations, but is still a reduction from last year’s catch.

Commercial fishermen had been facing a 26 percent cut.

via Halibut catch limits released – Juneau Empire.


Target pulls farmed salmon from its stores – Food Inc.-

After shopping at Alaska’s only Target over our recent Anchorage vacation, I was interested to see this article pop up.  Its a pretty bold move, but lets hope that its a first of many.

updated 7:47 a.m. AKT, Tues., Jan. 26, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS – Target Corp., the nation’s second-largest discounter after Wal-Mart Stores Inc., said Tuesday that it pulled all farmed salmon from its stores as it looks to be more environmentally conscious.

The retailer said it will no longer carry farmed salmon in its fresh, frozen or smoked seafood sections. The move impacts national brands and the chain’s own Archer Farms and Market Pantry brands, which will now use wild-caught Alaskan salmon.

via Target pulls farmed salmon from its stores – Food Inc.-

Iphone 4.0 is on the way… Let’s check out the latest on hacking that old Iphone.

Apple is set to wow the world with another net device.  The rumors are rampant, so luckily we will all know sooner than later.  Before Iphone 4.0 blows us away or seriously  disappoints, let’s check out latest in the world of “Jailbreaking.”  Its so easy with The newest tethered hack, Blackra1n, that even a cave man could do it.  Yes, that means you, Rob!   This works on Mac or Windows and its pretty fuckin sweet.  First of all, props goes out to

First of all, get a copy of Blackrain RC3 here. It should look like this:

Download the windows or make version and get it up and running.  Here is a great tutorial, via iphonedownloadblog. Truly, though, its pretty easy.  Double click on the .exe file for windows, and you will see:

The instructions are the same for RC3, its just a newer version.

Here’s the tutorial, via iphonedownloadblog.

Basically, it reboots the iphone and installs a Blackrain icon on your phone. None of your contacts will be lost and your phone will be exactly the same it it was, but now you can install Cydia, the App Store for Jailbroken phones.  Clicking on the Blackrian icon get you to here:

Cydia is the best option here.  the others are bad, but Cydia has been around since the beginning.  Alright, install Cydia and then you can get rid of the Blackrain icon, the phone will remain hacked anyways.  The icon is just so you can install Cydia.

Cydia comes up as another icon on your springboard;  fire it up and allow it to do its updates (for iPod touch users this needs to be done over an active wifi connection).  Now that cydia is ready to go, its basically another app store.  Even some apps cost money.  By adding a few sources, such as beyouriphone(just google it), you can get all kind of apps for free.  For more info on sources and what apps to download in Cydia, post some comments.

Now that’s all done, you may find yourself wondering what you have done to your iphone.  You now emulate all of Apple’s firmware abilities and add quite a few with Cydia.  I love PDAnet for tethering, Winterboard for changing the stale interface, and I use QuickReply SMS, so I can respond to texts the way it was meant to be.  Play around with it, and be sure to make a backup of your iphone in tunes, because you can always restore the phone to how it was before jailbreaking.  Also, I have to say that since Iphone 4.0 is just around the corner, these hacks only work on Software versions 3.1.2 and lower.  Let’s hope that 4.0 multitasking, if not hack it and download Proswitcher from Cydia, it works great on 3GS.  There are tons of tips on youtube as well, but this is pretty simple.  Good luck…

Amazing Haiti earthquake: 360° video

This is the first time I have seen this moving panorama.  I’m truly impressed.  I felt like I was actually cruising the street of Haiti.  The devastation is intense

via Haiti earthquake: 360° video – Special Coverage on

Fishing crew rescued after boat runs aground – | Alaskas news and information source |

I don’t believe this boat is a commercial vessel.  I used to tie up beside this boat in Petersburg and it appeared to be a charter whale watching boat.  Perhaps, they do some long lining during the winter.  Whatever the facts are , I hope the vessel is sitting in the harbor in Petersburg this summer

Saturday, January 23, 2010KODIAK, Alaska — A U.S. Coast Guard crew rescued three fishermen whose boat had run aground in southeast Alaska Friday.Coast Guard officials say the crew of the Alaska Adventure was traveling between Petersburg and Juneau when they ran aground. Soon after, their boat lifted to a 45-degree angle, prompting the crew to abandon ship and use their lifeboat.A Coast Guard crew arrived on the scene around 7:30 p.m. and extracted the crew.There was no sign of fuel leaking onto the ocean waters. The owner of the boat and the Coast Guard will attempt to refloat the vessel Saturday.

via Fishing crew rescued after boat runs aground – | Alaskas news and information source |.

ACS Brings Android-Powered Phones to Alaska’s Largest and Best 3G Network –

I think that most people don’t even realize the Android/Google connection.  The open source community will allow for great competitive apps for free.  I’m interested in seeing version of Android that comes loaded with the Alaskan phone

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Jan 21, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) —

Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. (“ACS”) (NASDAQ:ALSK), Alaska’s leading integrated communications provider, today announced the arrival of the much anticipated Android(TM)-powered HTC Hero(TM) from ACS.

The Hero is the first device in Alaska to offer the combination of the open and innovative Android platform with the high-speed and high-capacity connectivity of Alaska’s largest and most dependable 3G network.

Offering a rich, mobile Internet experience, the Android platform is Google’s(TM) operating system for mobile devices. The user has access to all Google services in a small-format, hand-held device: Google Search(TM), Google Maps(TM), Gmail(TM) and YouTube(TM), along with more than 25,000 applications built for the Android platform by a growing set of independent developers.

via ACS Brings Android-Powered Phones to Alaska’s Largest and Best 3G Network –

Lack of Yukon king salmon declared disaster: Rural Alaska |

I wonder how this will affect our coastal fishing in Southeast Alaska.  It seems that all the news surrounding salmon is bad news these days.  The most interesting part of the article is the fact the the State hasn’t declared the Yukon River system a failure, but the Federal government has.  It seems to me that the local government would be better at assessing the scenario.

ALASKA: Officials praise commerce secretary for paving way for relief funds.


Published: January 15th, 2010 11:41 PM

Last Modified: January 15th, 2010 11:42 PM

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke declared a commercial fishing disaster for Yukon River king salmon Friday following two years of poor runs, fishing restrictions and bans.

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