iPhone worm attacks jailbroken iPhones with default password – Ars Technica

Change your passwords, or shut off Open SSH with SBS Settings…


Rick Rolled...





The first known malware worm for the iPhone is targeting jailbreakers running SSH and default root passwords, “rickrolling” vulnerable iPhones by replacing the wallpaper image with an image of 90s pop star Rick Astley. The image also includes a boast that hacker “ikee” is “never gonna give you up.” While the hack is apparently harmless, it serves as another reminder of the potential security vulnerability that jailbreaking can cause.Unlike the hack we reported last week, this malware can spread itself to other vulnerable devices that are accessible to an infected phone. The worm scans the network, looking for jailbroken phones with an open SSH port and attempts to use the default passwords. At least four variants exist in the wild, the latter of which makes an attempt to hide itself by burying the code in a filepath that looks like the path for Cydia, a jailbreak app installer.

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Morning Glory

As the weather pounds the coast in the Pacific Northwest, a calm sunny morning arises in Juneau. Looks like a great day to get some last minute outdoor work done for the season. There was quite a bit of frost this morning and I have the feeling, we will be seeing snow soon.

DFG announces limited salmon opener – Red Bluff Daily News Online

DFG announces limited salmon opener

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Updated: 11/04/2009 09:40:24 AM PST

A limited recreational fishery season for Central Valley Chinook salmon will open on Nov. 16, the Department of Fish and Game announced recently.

From Nov. 16 through Dec. 31, the fishery will be open on the Sacramento River from 150 feet below the Lower Red Bluff Boat Ramp to the Highway 113 bridge at Knights Landing. The daily bag and possession limit is one salmon. In April, the Fish and Game Commission approved this very limited fishing opportunity due to the present stable status of the late-fall run.

This fishery provides very limited access to late-fall run Chinook, which are presently not listed as threatened or endangered at either the federal or state level. The season will open after the fall run has migrated upstream past this section of river, and before the winter run arrives. The rest of the Central Valley basin, including the Sacramento, Feather, American and San Joaquin rivers and their tributaries, will remain closed to salmon fishing.

DFG biologists conducting the Central Valley Angler Survey will closely monitor angler effort and harvest during this fishery. Anglers are required by law to participate in the survey and must not fillet their catch before bringing it to shore so that biologists have the opportunity to collect data on the catch and determine the presence or absence of coded wire tags on the fish. Biologists will collect all heads from salmon missing an adipose fin in order to recover the tags, which provide information

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Farmed salmon capable of eating wild fish: biologist

Farmed salmon capable of eating wild fish: biologist






A wild Pacific salmon smolt found in the stomach of an Atlantic salmon on the lam shows escaped farm fish are capable of hunting prey, says a vocal opponent of open-net pens near wild salmon migration routes.

The smolt was found in the stomach of one of an estimated 40,000 fish that escaped last week from fish-farming company Marine Harvest Canada’s Port Elizabeth farm in the Broughton Archipelago.

Biologist Alexandra Morton said she examined stomachs of 20 escapees and at least one had been hunting during its two days on the loose. “It was a 12-pound male Atlantic and it also had some other fish in its intestine,” Morton said.

It’s extremely unusual for a farm fish to hunt prey, according to Clare Backman, Marine Harvest director of environmental operations. “It is certainly outside our experience. Our fish are cued in on little brown pellets,” Backman said, adding the incident has been investigated and two studies found no interception of wild fish.

Morton said the 12-pound Atlantic was caught two days after the Marine Harvest fish escape and was 40 kilometres away in the company of several other farm salmon. “For farm fish in the wild environment, we always hear the biggest hurdle is eating wild food, but this does make you think this fish had experience capturing live prey,” she said.

It is a worry, not only because of escapees catching wild smolts at a time of year when there are few around, but also because it indicates farm fish are eating wild fish attracted into the pens by lights and food, said Morton, who this summer collected evidence of wild juvenile salmon, black cod, rock cod and herring in pens.

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Snow is here in Juneau

Juneau showed it’s true beauty today. It appears that winter has arrived. I enjoyed a great hike with Kaiden up Perserverence Trail. The snow level was really low. Enjoy the pics.