Sockeye salmon prices are “Red Hot!”

Salmon season is approaching quickly.  With the recent infestation of the Chilean farmed fish market, wild salmon has surged in the marketplace.  This season in Bristol Bay is going to be a big one and luckily fishermen are finally getting the price they deserve.

By Andrew Jensen

Alaska Journal of Commerce

The scuttlebutt around the Boston Seafood Show last month was that the sockeye market is “white hot” and that’s good news with another strong forecast for the Bristol Bay season.

A variety of factors including improved quality, increased marketing for wild, sustainable seafood, extreme disruptions in the Chilean farmed salmon industry and strengthening Japanese buying power of the yen should all contribute to the upward trend in ex-vessel value from Bristol.

The 2009 sockeye harvest from Bristol Bay was 30.9 million sockeye with an ex-vessel value of $127.6 million. The 2009 sockeye harvest was up just 1.5 million, 5.1 percent, from 29.4 million in 2007, while the ex-vessel price per pound increased by nearly 13 percent from 62 cents to 70 cents per pound.

The 2009 price was up 27.2 percent from 55 cents per pound in 2006.

via The Alaska Journal of Commerce – Sockeye salmon market heats up in advance of season 04/09/10.


Jamming in Juneau

Its that time of the year!  Juneau Folk Fest is here.  I have posted some video streamed live from last year.  I encourage you all to upload video this season.  Ustream is a great app for the Iphone or try it straight from your laptop webcam at  Update:  I have some video from Tuesday Nights performances.  What a great time.

Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau, Alaska.

April 5-11, 2010 are the dates for the 36th annual Alaska Folk Festival

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Warm water partly cause of salmon decline, study finds

This article exploits the headline a bit.  I would like to see the actual Canadian Fisheries report.  Its still worth a read and it has some interesting comments from the Canadian perspective.

DFO research finds Fraser’s 20-degree summer temperature far too high for salmon to spawn

via Warm water partly cause of salmon decline, study finds – The Globe and Mail.

Its time to clean out the nets! Sitka herring 2010 is over.

At 5:30 on April 2nd, ADFG declared the season over.  The total harvest was17,743 tons, just under the guideline of 18,293.  The fishery started on the 28th and consisted of 4 openers.  A number of boats did well,  including the F/V Mickey H who had a set for over 600 tons.   So, spring is officially here!  Happy Easter!   Here’s a great slideshow from the Sitka Sentinel

Sitka fishermen go for liquid gold! Live at 1:00 PM Alaska time.

The 4th opener in the Sitka Herring Fishery is today at one.  The majority of the quota is gone, with only  4,600 tons left it should be the last opener of the season.  For some, this could be the last chance to make it or break it.  Good luck, guys! Thanks to for the webcam view.  We should also have a ustream feed coming thru as the opener starts.

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Strange Sitka Sac Roe Shootout Highlights

I’m not sure this counts as news, but I find it entertaining.  The quota is nearly gone and the season is almost over.  Before we move on to next year’s highlights.  Here are a few treasures I dug up.  First of all these girls are priceless.  I’m not sure if I feel sorry for them, or what?   The other video is the collision that these girls a worried about.  Pricless…

It’s open! Sitka fisherman close in on herring targets.

Today at 1:45 PM in Sitka, ADFG announced the third herring sac roe opener.  Just over half the quota remains.  Here’s a video from oldduffer, he has a great collection of Sitka videos.  The video is in the toolbar to the right.  [Update:  9:50 PM. Alaska Time]  The opener lasted nearly 3 hours and nearly 400o tons were harvested.

Tech Support on the Fly.

Computer issues are becoming more and more common as new people delve into the interwebs and the world of false pop-ups.  It seems like an easy solution, just don’t click on the pop-ups.  However, they have gotten tricky thesedays and its hard to figure out what is going on.  My friend recently got the Google redirect virus and I helped him with Crossloop, its a great tool for remote support and control of someones computer.  Here’s a great how to on the install.

Once the program is installed, you have the options to share or connect.  If you need help, share the code provided.  If you are helping you should just enter the code provided.  I was using skype to chat with him as well.  Once everything was running it took no time.  This is a great tool for all the aspiring computer masters.

Download Crossloop