I’ve been a Commercial Fisherman for the past 15 years.  I’m currently living in Juneau, Alaska and starting my next big adventure as a Dad.  When I’m not fishing, I’m at home with the family in Juneau.  Commercial fishing is a way of life and I can’t think of a better way to make a buck.

The format is simple here.   I usually comment about the article, add a photo, and post some content from the article.  Everything is intended as fair use.  I’m simply bringing news articles together from around the web about commercial fishing and adding a bit of commentary.

Update 2018

Wow, when I originally wrote that, I had no idea what kind of fishing future was ahead of me. Now, it’s more clear to me that this mission is about the changes we have seen over the years. The world as we know it is slowing changing around us. For the past 7 years, I have personally encountered the changing sea and tides of our modern fisheries. After 20 years of being a slave to the sea, I realize that I could I have been part of the problem the entire time. Most of our fisheries on the west coast are in decline. The markets have failed to compete in a modern landscape and consumers have no real idea about seafood. Its hard to realize that 20 years of effort has been wasted and exploited by weak backed, fat bellied morons. This is not the industry for the educated. Oh yeah, nevermind that. Just focus on the pretty pictures and “cool” fishing vids. The industry is fine. Nothing to see here…


  1. Hi,
    You’re stuff is really attractive. I think you sent me a note when you first started, and then I thought you were affiliated with National Fisherman. Are you now?
    Pacific Fishing magazine


  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the shout out on my blog. I appreciate it! And I love the idea of you bringing related articles together, that makes it a bit easier to try to keep up.

    Good fishin’


  3. Love your blog and Facebook page.

    I am looking for someone qualified to do a little freelance writing about the Alaska commercial seafood and processing industry. Maybe you can drop me a line (no pun intended) for details.



  4. You should check out Patagonia’s website. They are anti-commercial fishing, and think salmon shouldn’t be caught till they’re all the way up the river. They make jerky because the fish they use aren’t in any shape to be consumed in any other form. The guy thinks he’s going to change the industry, and thinks he knows a lot more than he really does, and has a lot to learn.


  5. This is really an interesting site. When I was young I thought about being a commercial fisherman. Never followed up on that. Thanks for following my blog. I’m hoping to learn more about salmon fishing up the Yukon River this summer so I can write about it. Thanks again!


  6. Great blog. I liked the review of marine apps. If you want to review another app, we recently released SEAiq USA, a vector chart plotter using the NOAA vector charts. NOAA updates their charts surprisingly frequently and SEAiq USA is the only app we’re aware of that downloads charts directly from their site and makes it easy to keep up to date. It supports offline use. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to send a promo code to try out the app for free. cheers, Mark


  7. Beautiful effort. Love it. I can’t find an email address to ask permission to borrow a photo and link you.


  8. Hi Dave,
    Your blog is one of many resources I’ve found while I’m doing research to get into the fishing industry. I’m not from a fishing family and I don’t have many personal connections to the business, but I love Alaska and I’ve heard it’s the kind of job that if you show up, work really hard, and are flexible, then it can work out. If I’m trying to get a deckhand job, is it the sort of thing I should line up far in advance? Or do you show up and ask for a place? I’m getting mixed advice from internet info.
    This probably isn’t meant for an advice column about fishing, but I’d really appreciate any of your input.


  9. Hey Dave,
    I found your blog while looking for resources to get into the fishing industry. I don’t come from a fishing family and I don’t have many personal connections to the business, but I love Alaska and the lifestyle of the job appeals to me. I’ve heard that it’s the kind of job that if you show up, work really hard, and are flexible this it can work out. From the research I’ve done so far I can’t tell if I’m supposed to line up a deckhand job far in advance, or if I’m supposed to just show up a week or so before season and ask around. So basically – who am I supposed to be asking for a job?
    I know you probably don’t use this as an advice column, but I would appreciate any guidance you can give me.


  10. Several years ago a friend and I went on this type of trip. Not a lot of pinsafh at the time that we went (mid april) but could be a little later at Lake Placid. We were in that area, from Lake Placid to Lake Champlain along the AuSable and Salmon rivers. The trout fishing is fantastic with lots of access to the river banks. The camping is wide open and strictly wilderness with no real campsites except along established hiking trails. There are a good number of motels in the area if the wilderness situation is too much to handle. It’s beautiful country, you’ll love it out there.19yrs fishing exp.


  11. WOW! That’s one amazing pilot who flew you out the the lake. He geserad the landing smoothly! Oh Wait! That’s me! Looks like you boys had a great time out at Armit Lake. It was a real pleasure having you as our guest. We hope to see you all again at Hidden Bay it 2008! Shaggy.


  12. Hi Juneau Tek:

    I don’t mean to be a crank, but my weekly Fish Factor column is protected by copyright, as is clearly stated in most newspapers that run it. Since 1991 my column has been an important part of my small, independent fisheries media business. The weekly rate is $25.

    I don’t mind if an occasional segment is grabbed, but using the entire column so frequently is not allowed.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Laine Welch, Kodiak


  13. This is a non profit personal blog and all content is considered fair use. My only intention is to spread the word on commercial fishing. Thanks for the feedback and enjoy the site! Check out my other site http://www.comfishfilmfest.com. You contacted me about an interview earlier this season, but I had already spoken with Jay Barrett. Thanks for the interest!


  14. Rock and Roll that King Salmon!
    If you are in Juneau on the First Friday of October, 2013(that is 10/4 good buddy,) come by the Silverbow for Chris Miller’s exhibit called “Taku-A River Divided.” It sheds light on upstream activity and the need to create international policy regarding river borders. Starts at 5pm and smoked salmon mousse will be served.
    On 10/16 there will be a reception in the same space with more information about Transboundary issues starting at 6:30 pm.
    Hope to see you. Would be good to meet you face to face.


  15. dave, regards, wish you good fishing. i am from india and a die hard lover of fish. iwish icould go too alaska for a job of deck hand or anything related to fishing, or in a fishing vessel, to fulfill my dreams and making some money.please help me, or guide me to reach there.wish you reply. thanks.


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