Fishtory | The Salmon Saga

Via YotuTube: In this 1978 segment from Alaska Review 21, reporters examine the impact of worldwide demand for salmon. The report covers the rebuilding of Alaska’s salmon stocks, salmon fishing and processing methods, limited entry permits and government regulations, and conflicts within the Alaskan fishing industry. Those interviewed include: Al Adasiak (misspelled in title screen), chairman of the Limited Entry Commission; unidentified people at fish camp; unidentified commercial fisherman; Jack Milnes, aquaculture director; Dave Kron, state biologist; Wally Neurenberg; Doug Holenbeck, manager of Harbor Seafoods in Wrangell; Heidi Lee (sp?), fisherman; Frank Warfel (sp?), Wrangell fisherman; Will Bergman, State Department of Fish and Game biologist at Petersburg; Jim Beaton, commercial fisherman from Juneau and member of the State Board of Fisheries; Scott Roth, National Bank of Alaska manager at Petersburg; Carson Boysen, Petersburg artist; Bob Thorstensen, president of Petersburg Fisheries; and unidentified people involved in the fishing industry and residents of southeast Alaska. Program contains scenes of the Tanana River, a fish camp, fish processing facilities, fishing boats, the Crystal Lake Hatchery in Petersburg, the mending of a gill net, a purse seining demonstration, and several southeast Alaska fishing communities

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